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May 09, 2018


I am very interested in having the "page menu" icon in Rise courses (those 3 lines top left that allows to get back to home) FIXED. This way the top row where that menu icon appears, is going to follow the reader when scrolling down

I find it essential on mobile (also on tablet portrait) where the left side menu disappears and at the moment the reader has to scroll all the way top of the lesson to find the "menu". We tested out and several people got lost/stuck as they couldn't find it again and the only way to proceed was to keep scrolling down linearly.

It would be enough to change the css this way:

.page__menu {
1. [ ] position: fixed;
2. [ ] padding: 1rem;
3. [ ] top: 0;
4. [ ] width: 100%;
5. [ ] z-index: 10;
6. [ ] background-color: #FFF;
7. [ ] border-bottom: 2px #ececec solid;

We could modify it once we export our Rise course in LMS, but it would be great if it were by default (or if there were the choice in the course settings).

Of course this is particularly useful for longer Rise courses compared to microlearning where the scrolling down is more limited.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elena, 

The Menu/Table of Contents button will continue to appear at the top as you advance to each new lesson, but it sounds like you'd prefer it remains throughout the lesson so that the user can always navigate to a new lesson?

I'd be happy to pass along that idea to our team while you wait for folks in the community to help with your customizations! 

Elena Tagliati

Hi Ashley, yes I'd prefer that menu button stays always present  (and also more visible! a bit bigger would help) as it is the only way to jump out of a lesson if one wants to revise earlier concepts without scrolling all the way up. I personally do not have problem with that and I can easily move around, but I noticed by testing it with various users that many could not figure it out straight away how to skip and move around beside than scrolling up and down.

This happens in longer courses like the one we are building now (1h and half), as in shorter courses/ lessons it is not such a big deal.

Of course younger users or IT savy have no problems at all, but our course has a wide range of audience and we need to make sure that the navigation is very intuitive for all.

I submitted the new feature request, and in the answer one point was that having the top bar with the menu icon fixed reduced the space available for content, which is already small on mobile. That is also true. 

I do not know which other solution there could be to make more evident / obvious which/where is the icon to get back to the table of content.


Thanks a lot!


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