Moving Sections

Mar 31, 2021

I have tried searching around a little, but either haven't found a way to articulate my question, or no one else has this problem and I just didn't plan

While building a training, my collaborator and I kept making decisions to split up old long content pages into multiple lessons. Also, sometimes we would realize that certain sections were better suited in lessons other than the original ones.

To this point, I have not been able to find a way to move any content out of a lesson, or to be able to split one lesson into two. Obviously I can copy and paste elements from one to the other, but that gets clunky having to leave the lesson, go into the next lesson, paste, then go back to the first. I have even gone to working in multiple tabs but ironically that isn't any easier.


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Karl Muller

Hi Larry,

Moving content around from one Rise Lesson to another is not easy and time consuming.

I use Block Templates to move content:

  • Create a new block template from content currently in Lesson A. Change the colour of the content that was added to a template to red.
  • Go to Lesson B and insert the contents of the block template.
  • Go back to Lesson A and delete the moved content (previously marked as red) .

You need to keep careful track of what has been moved and what has not, to prevent inadvertent deletion of blocks :-)