Multilanguage support in Rise 360

Hi e-learning friends - I was wondering whether there is a plan to add multilanguage support in Rise 360, so that we don't have to create one course for each language we'd like to have our e-learning content in.

Currently, at Celonis we translate our courses to 6 languages in addition to English, and it would be very useful to have it all in one place in Rise so that the users are able to choose the language they'd like to visualize the course in, instead of having it all multiplied x6.

Please let me know if this is something that is in the plan to be build as additional functionality in Rise, as we love the product and are creating all our online learning content on this platform.



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Lea Agato

Hi Julia! You can create different sections in a course for each language and create a menu using a button stack to navigate to the selected language. Here’s a sample course that I created with this concept.  The text labels in your course, however, will only be in one language. I hope this helps!

I also invite the community to share here their ideas on handling multi-language courses in Rise!