Multilingual RISE SCORM Support

Jul 21, 2018

Hi all,

new here but finding the discussions massively useful.

im fairly new to Rise Articulate having many many years ago worked in Adobe Captivate but I’ve hit a snag I alluded to on another thread.

I’ve created an eLearn on GDPR in Rise for a client and they’re loving it.

However they now want it in up to 10 different languages. Not a major problem with the translate features and they’re providing the translations.

However, they want this combined into a single SCORM package so that the use can select the language at the start.

Not sure how to do this from the start particularly as the client loves the left hand navigation and progress bars which it appears I might lose if using a branching workaround.

In addition, the LMS will only return a single score and they want this based on the test at the end...presumably to offer the test in 10 languages how would I specify the right score to return!?

All much more complex than the initial brief but rather than say no the client I thought I’d check on here and potentially offer this as a freelance opportunity if someone feels they can make the amends and work with me on delivering it. Fully paid of course.

thanks in advance

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Dan Rowson

Hi Rishi,


thanks for responding are you able to confirm what your proposed approach would be to this so we can speak with our LMS to ensure it is worth investigating.

We would be able to supply you with up to 10 SCORM packages (all developed in Rise); one for each language. Are you able then to combine this into a single SCORM that returns the one result from the relevant test the user has taken for their language?



Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Jessica!

Rise 360 courses can be translated into a single language per course, so there isn't a way to display multiple languages in one course. 

I would recommend publishing each language as a separate course. Follow this guide to export your course to an XLIFF file for localization, and let us know if you have any questions!

M.I.T e-Solutions GmbH

Hi Alyssa,

our question might be a bit off-topic here but also has to do with multilingual support of Rise:

Even after importing the translations and setting the labels to a specific language, Articulate Rise obviously codes the published course with html language settings in English only. Unfortunatley, that makes the browsers believe to see an English course. 

Is there a way to alter these settings besides of digging into the final html result or when could we expect properly published courses with Rise?

BR, Bernhard

Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Bernhard! 

It sounds like you want your learners' browsers to recognize the Rise 360 text as another language besides English, is that right?

While we can't provide support for modifying the published output, you can try changing the language attribute from en to another language in the index.html file, saving the file, and then uploading the edited package back to your web server or LMS.

 Feel free to provide an update on how that worked!

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