Multimedia Embed video opening in a new browser window

Jan 09, 2023

Hi, I have created a course in Rise360 that is to be a year in review product. It includes 12 unique multimedia embed video links, each of which opens in its own window. I can't seem to find any setting to manage this option. Is it possible? My searching thru the forums all seems to point to my LMS being able to control this, but when questioned they turn it back to the authoring tool (as I would expect). Do I need to recreate this simple course in Storyline in order to get this functionality or is there an option that I'm missing in Rise?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Esther! When you added this content to Embed block, did you copy in the URL, or did you use the iframe code?

You can try this formula to display the content right in your Rise 360 lesson:

<iframe src="your content URL"></iframe>

Let me know how that works! You can also share your URL here and we can test.