Multiple Font Bugs

Apr 30, 2021

Hey there, since today we have multiple problems with our costumized font in Rise and even in some cases after we exported the file and uploaded it to our LMS. Firefox and Safari are not able to display the costumized font while we are working on it with Rise. In Safari the font is displayed in bold. In Firefox the costumized font is replaced by the standard-font Times New Roman. The costumized font works perfectly fine in Chrome. But after the export and LMS-upload of one Rise File (Tin Can), the costumized font is displayed wrong in all browsers. Additionally, the problem has arisen that texts placed next to a graphic can no longer be edited.

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Maria Higuero

We are having the same issue and I personally reported it to the Articulate support team. To do so just write an email to the following adress: 

In the last email regarding this issue the support team said that they have logged my case as "software bug", adding the following statement: "Depending on priority and risk, some bugs can be fixed quickly, while others take longer to resolve".

Hope they´ll catalogue this bug as a high priority so they can resolve it as soon as they can for our own good.

Marci Sheer


It's in Rise 360.

I started with a previous Rise course (that we are updating) and I copied saved that as a new course. Since we now use our custom font I went and changed that in settings. Whenever I bolded something it wasn't showing up as bold.

So I started a new course and copied most of the lessons into the new course and now the bold is showing up.

Appears I found a hack that appears to be working.

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Marci Sheer

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