my feedback comments disappeared

Apr 09, 2021

I had published my Rise course to the review tool. Some comments I left alone, and some I resolved. When I checked the review tool, all the feedback is gone. I know where to look for resolved/unresolved, they are gone. 

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Helen Fuller

Luckily there were not a lot of them, and I used the email notifications to retrieve them. However, I am curious if it was a glitch or something  I did. I did duplicate the course, kept the same name....I am wondering if that could have caused it to publish as new,  if I accidentally grabbed the new one, instead of the old one?


Hazel Bartolome

Hi Helen! If you duplicated the course then published the duplicate, the comments will not carry over even if the course name is the same.  The duplicated course is treated as another course and will upload separately in Review 360.  Also, if you published the course by selecting the option 'Create a new item' it will also not carry over the comments in Review 360 version history as this option will also create a separate course to review. Hope this helps!