Need to create a Rise Course that will not complete in LMS

Sep 08, 2020

I know this is a strange request, but I want to create a Rise course (SCORM) that cannot be completed in an LMS. In this particular case I want the course to stay on the user's active list of courses until an administrator removes it. In Storyline I would just hide some slides and make the user have to see the total number of slides including the hidden ones (which is impossible to do). Not sure how to do the same in Rise.

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Will Findlay

So my first method (but which I think is too much work) is to add a Continue button at the end of the course (this only works if you have only have one Continue button in your course). Then add this style tag

.block-continue-btn { display: none; }

to the style section in the index.html file in the \scormcontent\ folder. This hides the Continue button so it is impossible to reach 100%.

Any way to make a course impossible to complete without having to get into the HTML?

Will Findlay

That's great! This would be much less effort since I wouldn't have to edit any files. Thanks Alyssa! It's kind of an interesting case because it is a cookbook, and so as a reference material it doesn't really fit the typical use-case, and our LMS doesn't really have a way to present it without either showing a "mark complete" button or making it a SCORM object.