NEW IN RISE: More knowledge check question types

Sep 12, 2018

We’re so excited to share the latest new feature in Rise: more question types in knowledge check blocks!

Now you can check in on learner progress with matching, multiple response, and fill-in-the-blank questions throughout your custom blocks lessons. Watch this overview video to learn more:

We can’t wait to see what you do with these new block types!


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Tracy Farris

Can you create a quiz with this new functionality that will:
1) allow you to create an instruction screen
2) allow you to create a results screen
3) post the scores back to your LMS

(this look so very easy to design & develop!!)

OR - is the premise more that this functionality should be used as a short Knowledge Check activity?

Kelly Meeker

Hi Tracy! It sounds like you're looking to create a quiz, and you can definitely do that in Rise. Here's an article that explains the different types of quizzes you can create in Rise: 

Knowledge check blocks are a way you can add quick knowledge checks to the custom lessons you create with blocks. They're not scored, but you can require learners to complete them before moving on to the next section.

Zoe Leroy

Thank you!

The upgrades of the knowledge check blocks are so great!

However, is there the possibility of changing the matching pairs 'dragable' option from the left hand list to the right? I often use matching pairs as a "finish the sentence" type exercise which obviously doesn't make much sense if you have to drag and drop the beginning portion, or for example at the moment I am designing an interaction where you match targets to the relevant part of the SMART objectives acronym.

It would make much more sense to be dragging the left hand column of options.


Sam Williamson

This is a timely addition as I was looking to use the matching exercise outside the quiz block's trappings. Very helpful.

I'm a little confused that the fill-in-the-blank question doesn't function as presented, however. This is how it looks in the block selection screen:

An image of the block selection screen in Rise

Whereas the question format itself is:

A fill-in-the-blank question in Rise

The above is certainly a very useful question type with various use cases, but the block selection pane and title suggest a different function to what we actually get, i.e. a way for learners to fill inline gaps within – not appended to – a block of text.

Maybe this seems pedantic to some, but personally I feel the block is mislabelled. It certainly lead to me poking around fruitlessly trying to figure out how to make the question format match the illustration.

Kelsi Carter

Hello! Are there any plans to create a question type that is designed for more an opinionated response with no "right" or "wrong" answer? For example: I would like to ask the user a question such as "What type of conflict have you experienced in the workplace?" ________. The user then can input what they have experienced and instead of seeing "incorrect" or "correct" upon submission, they would just see generalized feedback that states "Common types of conflict are..." 

Or tell the user here are common types of conflict, which have you experienced? Then let them check all that apply. No right or wrong, just a "knowledge check" that is more opinion based.

I think it would be useful in many situations!

Thank you!

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Kelsi!  You could make either of these setups work with Rise today!  You can incorporate questions into your content without using quiz tools that demand correctness.

Option 1:  Question First

Try using a text block and then an accordion block to reveal a bit more about each conflict type.  I'm envisioning something like this:

Option 2:  List and Select

You could still use interactive blocks to describe common conflicts, and then include a checkbox list block to allow your learner to indicate what they've experienced:


Check out the sample here.  I hope that helps get the wheels turning!

Christine Hounsham

Hi Guys, 

I created a look-alike Rise short answer question in SL, to embed as an interactive block.  

It looks quite seamless to the standard Rise knowledge check, so learner's definitely won't notice the difference if using both inbuild and inserted questions in same Rise lesson. 

Please find attached a copy of the SL file for you to use. 

Here's a demo of the question type in action: 

Cheers Christine

Toni Hunter

Hi Crystal

Just want to follow up on Kelsi's request as I too really need a knowledge where the learner can enter text then just receive feedback without being told correct or incorrect. The fill in the blank question type would be perfect if I could hide the "correct" or "incorrect" and just show the feedback. The issue with what you have suggested is that the learner doesn't get to enter text.

Many thanks


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kate,

Knowledge checks are designed as ungraded, informal questions to help a learner check their understanding of a topic or content before moving on to the next lesson. Since they're not connected to a Results screen to use for tracking/completion purposes, the knowledge checks won't be reported to an LMS. 

If you need to track how a learner answers, I'd look at using Quiz questions (the same types are available for both). You can always disable the feedback per question, but the learner will still be shown an overall score on the results screen. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Daniela!

Since Knowledge Check questions are intended for quick self-check moments of learning, learners can move forward to the next lesson no matter if they answer the question correctly or incorrectly. 

If you want to prevent the learner from moving forward until they answer the question correctly, try building the knowledge check question in Storyline instead. Then, add a continue block to your Rise lesson after the Storyline block. See this article for more details!

Anh-Chi Robertson

Hi Alyssa (or anyone else) - I am admittedly very new to Storyline, so please bear with me if I don't explain this well. I am building compliance training and would like to include quiz questions that are 1) required to complete before moving on, 2) essay type (no right/wrong, just reflections), 3) tracked to Canvas so that we can review the essay answers ourselves. What I did was build an essay quiz in Storyline 360 and then embed it in Rise as a knowledge block. I then added a Continue button that is supposed to stop the user from moving on unless they've completed the essay. However, it doesn't seem like Rise "knows" when a user has completed the essay; that is, you can click Continue without answering the essay question :( You can't click the "submit" checkmark in the actual Storyline interaction without answering the essay, but you CAN just skip it entirely and click the Continue button in Rise.


Am I doing something wrong? Thanks so much for all that you do :) 

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