NEW IN RISE: More knowledge check question types

Sep 12, 2018

We’re so excited to share the latest new feature in Rise: more question types in knowledge check blocks!

Now you can check in on learner progress with matching, multiple response, and fill-in-the-blank questions throughout your custom blocks lessons. Watch this overview video to learn more:

We can’t wait to see what you do with these new block types!


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Mark Banit

+1 for the option to have an option for a question type that allows for reflection and/or comparison to suggested answers...

Had been hoping to use the FIB question type to present a sentence that the learner needs to rewrite in a simplified format, and then after submitting there would be a couple of suggested answers they could compare theirs against. Since they could have slight variations that are perfectly acceptable, I don't want them seeing an "Incorrect" message if it doesn't exactly match the suggested unfortunately will have to look at using a SL as a workaround. Would be great to have a native option though, and by reading through this thread sounds like there would be plenty of support for it.

Cathy Zhou

Would you please confirm that the result of Rise knowledge check questions will not be reported to the LMS at this time?

On the export screen under Tracking, I see one of the 3 options as Track using quiz result, which is currently greyed out and cannot be selected.  What do I need to do to activate this option?  I currently do have knowledge checks throughout the course.

Thank you very much!

Mark Banit

When creating a new Lesson from the main page of your course and click on the "Content" button, you have the option to create either a "Lesson" or "Quiz". If you select Quiz, you have the ability to add in a number of different questions and then have it so that the quiz is "graded" (learner receives a score). You can have multiple graded quizzes in your course, but can only set it so that the results of one of them are sent to the LMS.

You can learn more about creating a graded quiz here.

Allison LaMotte

Hi Anh-Chi,

I'm sorry it's taken us to long to get back to you, we must've missed your message somehow.

I wanted to get back to you in case you're still having this issue. In order to make the Continue button work with a Storyline block, you'll need to add a completion trigger in Storyline. Here's how that works.

Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with!


Hi there, 

I cannot stress enough how useful would be to have an additional type of Quiz blocks in Rise with an open-ended answer. We are building a series of courses and they all need this feature. I was disappointed to see Rise doesn't offer it yet. Any plans to add this functionality soon guys?

To Chrystal response, we are not looking to provide options to the learner. We are looking to include some questions for them to reflect on a topic and provide an open-ended answer (no right/wrong)

Thanks to Christine for sending the template block. I guess we are going to have to do something  like that. 

Thomas Armbrecht
Kelsi Carter

Hello! Are there any plans to create a question type that is designed for more an opinionated response with no "right" or "wrong" answer? For example: I would like to ask the user a question such as "What type of conflict have you experienced in the workplace?" ________. The user then can input what they have experienced and instead of seeing "incorrect" or "correct" upon submission, they would just see generalized feedback that states "Common types of conflict are..." 

Or tell the user here are common types of conflict, which have you experienced? Then let them check all that apply. No right or wrong, just a "knowledge check" that is more opinion based.

I think it would be useful in many situations!

Thank you!

I would still like option that Kelsi requested, that is, the ability to provide feedback whatever the answer.

Tonya Krueger-Morel

Hello, I am liking Rise Quiz, fill in the blank quiz option.  However, I need up to 15 fill in the blank correct options blanks from what I can see it only gives you 10 blanks for possible correct answers.  Is there a way to get more blanks for correct answers?  Or is there a way to put in a range of correct answers?  Also, I don't want the correct answers to show up once they submit, how do you change that so they don't show up if they get the answer wrong?  Thanks in advance for your help!

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