New Rise Feature: Folders

Oct 05, 2017

Hello everyone:

Today we released a new Rise feature called folders. Folders make organizing your Rise courses a lot easier. 

Check out this 2-minute video and this kb article for more info. 

Enjoy folders!


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Welocalize eLearning

The folder feature is nice but it only supports one level. We would like nested folders to better organize our Rise courses and to limit the data load on the course dashboard page. Can sub-folder functionality be added? For example, we would love to organize our content as:

  • /Client One
    • /Program One
      • Course 1
      • Course 2
      •  Course 3
    • /Program Two
      • Course 1
  • /Client Two
    • /Program One
      • Course 1
  • Course A
  • Course B
  • /Client Three

et cetera

Renz Sevilla

Hi Michelle! Good question! Moving courses to folders won't remove it from the landing page of the Rise 360 Dashboard. This landing page shows All courses created by you or that you have access to editing via collaboration. To clarify, the courses found in the "All courses" section are also the same courses in your folders. So you'll be editing the same version no matter where you open the course from.

The folders will help in organizing your courses in case you have a lot of them on the landing page, and you can access specific courses you've grouped together by topic or another common element. 

 Hope that helps!