Newbie needing help with RISE review process

Mar 03, 2021

Hello. I'm new to RISE. I inherited a course started by a colleague, and I'm now making changes and of course, re-publishing. I republished the course. When I did that, I didn't fetch a new URL to share with the SME reviewer. I thought my SME reviewer would automatically get the update.

I asked him to add his review comments "in the Review tool" (which he has done previously. He reported back that he did so, but when I go into Review, I see only his comments made a month ago (when he worked with my colleague). I'm not getting email alerts that he has added comments -- as I did on the course I, myself was developing in January. 

I think I've forgotten a part of the process here -- and need a reminder, PLEASE! But I'm also more concerned that the SME has entered comments somewhere, and I have no way of seeing them.  Is there anyway I can retrieve those comments? Or do I have to ask him to do it again <yikes>

Do I need to do something like export my RISE draft course to REVIEW 360. I don't think so; I didn't need to on my previous course.

Guidance would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Patricia!

When you re-publish an existing course to Review 360, you have the option to Publish a new version of an existing item. 

When you view the course in Review 360, you should be able to access the previous versions of the course using the dropdown at the top:

Do you see the comments you need when you view one of the older versions in the dropdown?

Patricia Funston

Hi Alyssa. Thanks for the quick reply. I follow the steps you've indicated and I'm reassured that it isn't my "newbie" error that caused the issue.

The problem is that no, I don't see the most recent comments the SME entered when he reviewed the published course. I do see the comments he added when he worked with the previous owner a month ago. And worse, accessing the Review/Feedback page again a few days after making all of his comments, he doesn't see them in the REVIEW or FEEDBACK page either - so it seems as if his 'page' was overwritten somehow.

He had entered the comments without using the "at" mention - that triggers notifications, so we both understand why THAT "typical" step didn't happen, but the fact that neither of us can see input he added as a reviewer (once I open the course in REVIEW) is the most serious issue.

I opened a ticket with Support on Friday and have been working with someone.