Non-active button "Answer" in first question in Quiz

Jul 22, 2020


I have added a quiz after a few lessons in Rise course. The problem is: when I have previewed it in my LMS I can't go further the first question in quiz, because the button "Answer" is non-active. But in Preview it works ok.  Can you please help me, what is the reason of this mistake? 


Console mistake (Chrome):

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined
at LMSStandardAPI.AICC_RecordMultipleChoiceInteraction [as RecordMultipleChoiceInteraction] (scormdriver.js:710)
at RecordMultipleChoiceInteraction (scormdriver.js:1763)
at Object.reportAnswer (index.html:335)
at Ft (main.bundle.js:56)
at main.bundle.js:339
at Object.<anonymous> (main.bundle.js:355)
at f (main.bundle.js:355)
at main.bundle.js:355
at v (main.bundle.js:355)
at at (main.bundle.js:355)

Console mistake (Mozilla Firefox) in attachment

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