Nothing showing in "Select from review 360"

Oct 02, 2023


This problem is occurring more and more. I publish an SL360 scene to 360 Review, but when I go to insert it in RISE, there is NOTHING to choose from and I just published it. I republish it again to make sure the problem is not on my end. But sure enough, the problem remains. I don't often post my problems on this forum because I'm a small business owner, and not only does the not working part impact my bottom line, but so does taking the time to notify Articulate.

Someone famous said or wrote (maybe Shel Silverstein) When RISE works, it is very good, but when it doesn't, it is very, very bad. I continue to be on the lookout for more reliable authoring tools that can be published behind a paywall. I know some are very close. Community, please keep me posted.  

Just for kicks, checked one more time--still nothing.



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Angelo Cruz

Hi Julie! I'm sorry to hear about the issue you are encountering when trying to add a Storyline block to your Rise 360 course.

Are you able to get the same behavior with a different Rise 360 course? Were you able to confirm the Storyline 360 project you published is in your Review 360 dashboard?

I have opened a case on your behalf so that our Support Engineers can reach out to further investigate the issue. Please keep an eye out for an email from our support team.

Tim St. Clair

I find that when I'm in both Rise and Storyline at the same time, the Rise embed frame often times out, and I have to reload the page (sometimes twice, sometimes holding the control key while you click the refresh button) to get it to recognise newly published or updated items. This has bugged me all year, it's nothing new. I've also noticed that if you leave Rise open on the same screen for a couple of hours (say, as you build a Storyline interaction), the page will eventually crash by itself. You get this behaviour when there's a memory leak in their code, which I suspect there is.