Numbered Steps (Image & text blocks) Not Continuing in Rise

When creating numbered steps in an Image & text block (not numbered lists) in Rise, there isn't a way to continue the numbers into another block beneath it. The temporary solution my team found was to copy a continued number list from Google Docs/an external source. Unfortunately, this only works when you're in Editing mode and reverts back to restarting the numbering from 1 when you go to Preview mode.

Here's a screenshot (high res version also attached) to show the side-by-side example of this bug (Edit vs. Preview):


Could this feature be added to Image & text blocks? It would be ideal if we could right-click and restart the numbering, similar to how it works in Google Docs.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Michelle,

The screenshot you included is really helpful! It's so odd that you would see the continued numbered list in edit mode, but the numbers would restart when previewing the course.

I'm trying your idea of copy/pasting the numbered list from Google Docs, but I'm unable to continue the numbers in the second block. It restarts back at 1 each time on my side.

Could you share a quick screen recording of how you're getting the numbers to continue in the second block? 

Finally, I'll be sure our team sees your request for the option to continue numbering or restart numbering between blocks. Thanks for the idea!