Changing Numbers in Numbered Lists in text boxes in RISE

May 01, 2020

Hi ... I know it is possible to change the numbers in a numbered list block.  However, is there a way to do that when you are inserting a numbered list in a text block?  (For instance, when adding a numbered list into an accordion interaction.)  

I have a lot of numbered steps in the courses I write.  But I use a lot of screenshots as well.  I'd like to start a numbered list, add a screenshot image, and then continue the numbering...not going back to number one.

Again ... I know this is possible with numbered list blocks...but how about numbered lists in text blocks? always!

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Jenna Hood

Hi, Lea. I'm including an example of this Rise limitation. When using a numbered list in a regular text block, we cannot continue numbering.

In this included image, I have Step 1, followed by a code snippet. I want the next Step after the image to be Step 2 but I have no option to continue numbering, as the regular text boxes always start over with 1.

Note: I know that we can manipulate the starting number with the Numbered List text block but I cannot use that because it doesn't support sub-bullets.

Cannot continue numbering in text box numbered lists.

Crystal Horn

Chris, would it be possible to create an ordered list with interruptions by using command/control + enter for a new line? Does the indentation of the paragraph part work for you?

image of list and paragraph text

I don't have another workaround for you; the text editor doesn't allow for customizing the numbering in a numbered list.