On-going: screen going blank, having to refresh page, etc.

May 29, 2019


I already wrote about this a while ago, but everytime I change a block's name, when I try to enter it, the screen goes blank. I have to refresh or go back, and I get sent back to the main course page. It's pretty annoying.

Lately, I also get this bug where I can't edit text (as in,  select a word and make it bold). I have to hit F5 and then I can edit it. It happens quite often.

When will this get fixed?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello! Thanks for letting us know you opened a case about this. I took a peek into your case history, and I see that you worked with Richard back in April. In that case, you reported you would occasionally see an endless "Your course is loading" message. However, I'm not seeing a case on this particular issue.

We'd love to take a closer look! You can send us the Rise 360 Share link by clicking here

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