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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Ole!

Spot-on! Turning off the sidebar will remove the course outline from the Rise cover page and require learners to navigate lessons in sequential order (unless you use button blocks to branch between lessons).

Would you mind telling me a little more about why that combination would come in handy for you? I'm curious to know more, and I'm happy to relay your insights to our product team!

Ole Djurhuus

Hi Katie,

The idea was to make a more simple cover page and make the branching in the first block using buttons as you mention.

It would be nice to have more control on the cover page and e.g. be able to hide the course outline when it's appropriate and add an image or video.

Best regards


Katie Riggio

Thanks for helping me understand why having that option would be useful for you, Ole! I submitted a feature request on your behalf, so you should receive an email confirmation about it shortly.

Feel free to share any other thoughts you have through our feature request form here! ..and here's how we manage those requests ☺️