Option in Settings to select Tiles/Rows and Recent/Title as default

Hi Adam

I always use Rows and Title when working with Rise. Everytime l go out of a course the course list defaults back to Tiles and Recent. Would you be able to provide an option in settings so that l can change the default to Rows + Title?

Does anyone else find the current default a bit of a time waster because of having to go and click the Row icon and then select the Title dropdown option.

I have quite a few course up now and move between them all quite a lot, so rows+title is the easiest way for me to do this (although the new folder option has helped).

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Crystal Horn

Hi Robert!  I'm glad you're finding the new folders feature in Rise helpful.  That was a big win for organization.

I like your idea; anything that cuts down on number of clicks is great.  I'll submit the concept of having control over your dashboard default settings as a feature request.  Thanks for starting the conversation!