**PLEAES PLEASE PLEASE** make this change

Apr 22, 2021

Hi there,

There is a basic function missing in Rise that would make workflow so incredibly easy, but as it is right now I find it so frustrating and time consuming...unless I'm missing something.

When you click on a course from the Rise home page where all your courses are listed, it opens in the same window. If you have to go back to the home page for any reason like needing to launch another course, you have to search and/or scroll all over again. I have upward of 500 courses in Rise and even in alpha order it's a pain to have to find my courses. And there is the search box, but many times I can't remember the exact name of a course.

Please make it so that when you click on a course, it opens in a new window leaving the Rise home page in tact. PLEASE!!! :-D

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Denise! Thanks for sharing your feedback!

I can understand how this can help your use case with that many numbers of courses in your dashboard.

Link behavior to open up a link in a new tab or window is also dependent on some browsers and their settings, so even if this were intended to open in a new tab or window it might not always work. That being said, there are a few things you can do to get the same effect. Here are some ways to open any link in a new tab:

  1. Right Click on the link (Two finger tap on Mac) > Open in New Tab / Window 
  2. Hold the Ctrl key down when you Left-click the link.
  3. Use the middle button or mouse wheel to click on the link.

Hope that helps!

Angelo Cruz

Hi Denise! Thanks for your reply. I'm able to replicate the behavior you mentioned for Rise. You can right-click the menu options above and open them in a new tab, but not the courses themselves.

I am going to submit this as a feature request to our team and I'll update you if we make changes that will help. Thanks for letting us know about this!

Angelo Cruz

Hello Ken! Are your Rise courses using the same Apex theme and color? 

Yes, it does show a blank solid color as the thumbnail cover if you use the Apex theme with a solid header color for your Rise courses. If you prefer to have a custom image as a cover, you can opt to choose the overlay layouts instead.