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Apr 20, 2017

This is mostly a feature request that I think would be helpful to everyone, but I also wanted to put it on the discussion board in case I'm missing something and it's already possible.

It is very inconvenient that when you are in preview mode for a whole course and make it to a particular page, see something that needs to be fixed, and click the edit button you are taken back to the home screen for the whole course, instead of directly into the edit mode of that particular page. So then you have to scroll down and find that page again to edit it, which can be cumbersome if you have a lot of lessons in a course.

Additionally when you are working in a page and click the close lesson/back button to get back to the home screen of the course to add another lesson or add content to a lesson, it takes you back to the top of the page, instead of back down to the level of the lesson you were just working on. So once again if you have a lot of lessons it takes a lot of scrolling, which over time really adds up. I know you can click control+down arrow to take you to the bottom of the page, but that isn't necessarily where you want to go every time either. I have courses with up to over 200 lesson pages, so I feel like I am doing a lot of unnecessary scrolling:(

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kelly-Anne, glad you're checking out Rise! You've got some great ideas, and and I can see how those features would make your life easier, especially when you're working on a course with so many lessons.

Here's how the Preview feature works in Rise. When you click Preview from the main page, you’ll be directed to the main page of the course in preview mode. If you click Preview from a lesson, you’ll be directed to that specific lesson. When you click Edit while previewing, you will return to the page where you initiated the Preview.

I do have an idea that will help you when toggling between previewing and editing your Rise course. Try this:

  • Copy the Share link from your Rise course.
  • Open a new browser tab, and paste the share link there. Now you have both the Edit version and the Live version open at once.
  • As you make changes in the Edit version, click on the Live version tab, and refresh the page. 

Here's a quick Peek at how to do that!

Tanya Corlett


That's worth it's weight in gold - thanks.

And, completely off topic but here's something we discovered.

If, as we do, you want the course author on playback from a LMS to display as a corporate rather than named author we change the first name and last name in our account profile setting, just prior to export to: first name  'A training course by' and last name 'XYZ Corporation' then the author in the exported SCORM file replays as the corporate author.

Post export we reset the first and last name in the profile to the licensed course builder. For us this is better than using the 'hide author' function as we don't want anonymity and this helps to establish our intellectual property rights.

Best regards,



Daniel  Frances

Hi Alyssa, 

Thanks for your reply. 

In making the case it may help to mention that courses can be hefty. Mine has 13 chapters, and a total of 134 lessons, plus a quiz for each chapter.  I hope you can understand why a navigate facility in Edit mode would be valuable. 

It is a full term University course (13 weeks). It would be interesting to know how this length compares to those of other users. 

All the best. Daniel. 

Tanya Corlett

Hi Daniel, we are a small independent training company that provides training in public, in house and on-line for audit and risk community professionals.

As such, we often develop significant technical programmes that provide accreditation in units of 1 to 2 hours per unit. Taken together a typical set of units would evolve into around 20-30 hours of on-line study. Embedded in these units would be knowledge tests around every 5-10 minutes of study time and time-bound quizzes with scored pass marks at the end of each unit.

In a unit that is under development at the moment, there are 9 lessons and study time is estimated at 2 hours. Editing can be a real pain as, for example, in preview mode when being thrown back to the beginning of a lesson means that the developer might have to arbitrarily select boxes or question answers in order to navigate to the point where changes have to be made. So if we could, in edit and preview mode, have some sort of forward/back seek mode or a search mode to get quickly to the editing point it would be a thrill. It's much easier in Storyline as we can zoom out and then select the frame for editing.

One thing we have found useful, however, is to use the Block Copy mode to highlight a number of blocks to be copied and then to move them to one or more other units to help rapidly build a framework for a Rise Course. We've done this, for example, to set up standard course 'Objectives' descriptions at the front of courses or units.

All the best, Stan.


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