possible new cursor jumping issue?

Hi all, I did not run into the cursor jumping issue a lot of people seemed to be having a couple weeks ago (although I mainly copy and paste anyways instead of typing new), but ever since the updates yesterday my cursor/view seems to be jumping around. Sometimes I will click into an area to begin typing or pasting in and as I am clicking Ctrl+V to past I will see the screen pop back up to an area above where I was currently working and the content will get pasted in the wrong place. I have also noticed that sometimes when I add a new block and then click to the side to get out of the block library my screen will pop up somewhere above where I was currently working(https://360.articulate.com/review/content/1ec2ecca-b7c9-46cb-8329-b26324bbeeea/review).

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kelly-Anne.  Thanks for the Peek!  That was helpful.

It looks like you're using Firefox in Windows; is that correct?  I wasn't able to replicate this behavior in my own course in that environment.  I noticed a tiny jump up when I added a new block in at the end, but it wasn't as extreme as what you're seeing.

I also tried different copy and paste attempts to get my cursor to jump, but everything worked on my end as expected.  It sounds like this jumping happens intermittently for you, is that right?

Do you have access to Chrome or Edge browsers?  I'm curious if you can get the same behavior to happen there.

Crystal Horn

Hey Kelly-Anne.  I'm not sure how I missed your last reply.  Thanks for checking in again.

I was able to see this behavior a little bit better in Firefox 56, which is what I just updated to in my Windows machine.  My Chrome instance is still not showing that behavior as dramatically as you were experiencing it.

I'm documenting this for our team to investigate further with the recent updates.  I'm sorry this is annoying for you!