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David Wolfe

Thanks for trying, but Articulate seems content to wait at least two years before acting on simple feature request enhancements.  Again, a feature that already exists for their video applications that should be simple to migrate to audio, but they don't even bother to perodically check back in on threads like this or provide any updates until someone necroposts.

Lindsay White

I too am needing this feature to prevent people from just skipping through safety trainings. Please, Please, Please PLEASEEEEEEE migrate the application as you do for video to the audio also. I'm begging! :-) The rumor of people figuring this out has spread like wild fire through our company...I have to prevent those cheaters dang it! 

Lindsay White

Hello! How are we on this? I have been forcing myself to use storyline, which I am honestly not a fan of due to the complexity of it compared to being spoiled with Rise 360. Then adding the storyline block to my Rise 360. I didn't see this on the "list" of being updated...anyway we can move this up the line! :-) 

Renz Sevilla

Hi Lindsay! Thanks for the follow-up on this feature. No updates on this yet, and it isn't on our current roadmap.

Depending on developmental cycles, resources, and how a feature impacts the community, this will help us decide on its priority. If you'd like to learn more about how we handle feature requests, here’s our process.

Starlet Franz

New Comment as of 02/23/2022

Hi Articulate Team,  I also have a use case for this.  We love the rapid development tool instead of always using storyline.  But we have two issues.  One due to the fact we do medical training we need to make sure learners can not skip audio.   and second the audio play arrow is so small.  There is no way to put a picture in this block to even bring attention to it.  We have been thinking of creative ways.  

It seems like the logic changed at one point on the videos.  This same logic would work for the audio files. 

If anyone has ideas we would appreciate it!

Star Franz