Problem inserting "Question Banks" in Microlearning

Apr 14, 2023

Hey all,
why can't I insert "Question Banks" in Microlearning course to work?

Many thanks for any help!

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Jack Ding

Hi Wendy, thank you very much for the presentation via Peek, I just saw it this morning.
Maybe I didn't express myself clearly, it's like this, I want to add a quiz in ML, there are four questions. I also went to the last step of your demo, but then it went wrong, I set up four questions, but the preview only always shows one question. Can you demonstrate adding four more questions and then going to the preview. It's the kind that replaces the questions horizontally.
Thank you in advance, best regards!

The ideal is this


Karl Muller

Hi Jack,

I have found that Question Banks function differently when used in a Quiz, and when used in a Knowledge Check block. My observations: 

In a Quiz, when you draw from a Question bank, you are given a choice about how many questions to include in the draw.

In a Knowledge Check block, when you draw from a Question bank, you are NOT given a choice about how many questions to include in the draw, automatically limiting the questions in the draw to just one question. 

Jack Ding

Hi Karl.

Thank you for taking the time to analyze the specifics of the quizzes.
It means that in Microlearning it is not possible to use the "Test your knowledge" insertion like in the normal course in RISE.

I also tried to use block templates, but unfortunately that doesn't work either.

Another problem I have is that I have a large course divided into 60 Microlearning sessions, which is fine overall.

Christopher Santos

Hi jack,

Are you planning on tracking the results of the quiz in your Microlearning course?  You can only track course completion based on the blocks completed.   

If you are looking to add that "Test Your Knowledge" section as well, you can create your module using a regular Rise 360 course.  You can factor this into your design decision, especially if you are just dividing the course into sixty Microlearning courses.