Problems with Registered R

Jul 02, 2021

Hello everybody,

I am at the moment developing WBTs with rise for a client. We have different themes and fonts for every WBT.

With some fonts I have difficulties with the small superscript Registered R sign®. It works in the text, and in headlines, but not with lesson titles. I get only a "normal" sign big as normal letter and not superscript. I have no problems with other fonts, there I get a supercript Registered R in the lesson titles.

So the "problematic" fonts are - so far: Frutiger and Open Sans.

Does anyone have an idea, how to solve this? I used all shotcuts and copy n paste moves I can imagine. 


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Renz Sevilla

Hi Michael! If you use the Unicode character this should display where needed. For special characters that won't display correctly for example in lesson titles, you may need to copy-paste in the lesson overview: ®

I was able to copy-paste directly into the Lesson Title field using Open Sans

Hope that helps! If you still have trouble, please let me know the browser and browser version number you're having trouble with.