Superscripting "®" in Course Titles and Section Headings in Rise 360

Sep 27, 2019

I just asked this in another thread but thought it may be noticed faster if I begin a new discussion...I work for an organization that uses superscripted registered trademark symbols in much of their content. I need to be able to superscript that symbol in course titles and section headings. I don't have a problem in the body text, but the dialogue box with the superscript option doesn't appear when I highlight text in the course title or section headings. I have tried copying and pasting and using the unicode input. I tested the unicode input tool in Word and it worked fine. I just can't get it to work in Rise. Are there any other work-arounds or any idea when Articulate may make this possible in Rise?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Vivienne. It sounds like you aren't using the standard ™ symbol, but the ◊ symbol. You can highlight that symbol in text blocks or in blocks that include text and superscript it, but there isn't a way to format it for superscripting in lesson titles, section headers or the course title, currently. 

Fiona Asimakopoulos

Hi. This is for someone within the Articulate community who can escalate... Given this is clearly a need for commercial businesses developing courses, and this request has been made numerous times over a few years, what needs to be done to address?... If the Articulate development team have no way of fixing, would suggest locked formatting is removed from the course title and permit users to apply format in the same way as the rest of the course. This very frustrating when dealing with internal stakeholders during course reviews

C2 Technologies

Agreed with all! My stakeholders are extremely unhappy that the registered symbol for their product, which is also the title of the course and the title of one of the lessons/sections, cannot be superscripted in these 2 areas, when it is superscripted in the body text wherever it appears. Any ETA on when this feature may be added to Rise?