Superscripting "®" in Course Titles and Section Headings in Rise 360

I just asked this in another thread but thought it may be noticed faster if I begin a new discussion...I work for an organization that uses superscripted registered trademark symbols in much of their content. I need to be able to superscript that symbol in course titles and section headings. I don't have a problem in the body text, but the dialogue box with the superscript option doesn't appear when I highlight text in the course title or section headings. I have tried copying and pasting and using the unicode input. I tested the unicode input tool in Word and it worked fine. I just can't get it to work in Rise. Are there any other work-arounds or any idea when Articulate may make this possible in Rise?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Vivienne. It sounds like you aren't using the standard ™ symbol, but the ◊ symbol. You can highlight that symbol in text blocks or in blocks that include text and superscript it, but there isn't a way to format it for superscripting in lesson titles, section headers or the course title, currently.