Project Management/Archive Solutions

Jun 05, 2017

From a management perspective, how would we go about archiving resources for Rise projects? It seems like projects (and effort) could be easily lost in a multi-seat environment.

With other tools, we have project files that can be archived, then unarchived, updated, and republished. What are our options with cloud-based tools like Rise?

Rise courses appear to be associated with the account of the user that created the project. If that user were ever to leave the company, how would the organization be able to access those files?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brek,

Great questions!

Using Articulate 360 teams each user will have their own Rise courses and another user doesn't have access to delete them. We are working on a Collaborators feature for Rise which would allow more than one user to edit a project. This is scheduled for release by end of June.

If a user were to leave the company, they could Send a copy of the course to another user as described here.

For archiving content, is the concern that you'll exceed the 360 storage limits? Articulate 360 subscriptions come with 150 GB of storage space for Rise courses and Articulate Review content items. Articulate 360 Teams subscriptions have unlimited storage space.

We are also working on a Folders feature that would allow for better organization of your Rise courses. We're scheduled to also roll that out by end of June. 

Let me know if I can help with anything else!

Brek Joos

Sorry for the delay. I didn't realize anyone had replied to this. (It says I'm subscribed.)

Since this email, we have seen the collaborators feature, and the folders options. (The folder option is great to have, but collaborates don't seem to have full access to project so sending a copy seems necessary.)

It would be nice to have an option to be able to put/organize Rise projects other than dumping them into someone else's account.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

No worries, Brek. If you didn't see an email check that is allowed and not going to your junk/spam folder. 

Correct - collaborators can edit course content, but the permissions for publishing, sharing, etc. reside with the original author. We're continuing to track how folks are using this feature, and I'd love to know more about your needs too! Can you share some details with product team here

Sharon Castillo

The ability to collaborate is still severely lacking as it's still too easy to blow away one's own or each other's changes.

  • If someone is the owner, and does not explicitly remember to share, other members of a team don't even know that this asset exists.
  • Once you have a large catalog of courses, it is super clunky to organize and share in an effective way.  For example, if I have a new content developer come on board -- do I really have to update each asset individually? We can potentially have hundreds.
  • There needs to be better versioning and control to undo a change.  If I accidentally delete a block, I'm just stuck.

I have many other similar suggestions around team collaboration -- bottom line, it's a great tool, but it's important to think about how to scale for companies with large teams and/or large numbers of assets.

Aaron Barth

I'm wondering if there are any upcoming plans to introduce a feature in Rise that allows users to download a file as a backup. We have several old Rise modules in our account, and while it's unlikely we'll need to revise them, it would be helpful to have a downloadable copy. This way, if a client wants to rebuild the content in the future, we can easily re-upload the necessary data rather than keeping it in our cloud indefinitely.

Lea Agato

Hi, Aaron! Thanks for letting us know you need a way to download your Rise 360 course as a backup. 

Since Rise 360 is an online tool, you need to be logged in on the website to edit and publish your courses.  There isn't a way to download a copy of your course for saving on your drive or editing offline. You'll be able to access your courses if you're logged in on Rise 360. Could you share more details on why you need to have a downloadable copy instead of having it stored in Rise 360?