Question Banks

Apr 20, 2023

I can see how to import a question from a question bank into a knowledge check, but is there any way to do it the other way around. That is, to export a knowledge check question to a question bank.

I'm asking this because I have hundreds of questions created in Knowledge Check blocks and the time and cost involved in recreating these in a question bank is prohibitive.

Any help warmly welcomed.


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Tanya Corlett

Hi Karl,

Thanks for this I'm just a little disappointed because to me it's logically obvious that Knowledge Checks can go into the bank, just as banked questions can go the other way.

It wouldn't matter if we were starting from scratch but after working with Rise for 4 years we expected a bit more. And, naturally we have a stash of questions that were laboriously built by hand. 

And what I also need:

  • is an Editor that when you copy and paste, preserves the format, typeface and font size to save having to correct the copied material, and
  • A way of choosing standard typeface colors within the Theme. We're not permitted for accessibility reasons to use the grey that you get with text, we need a plain black. If only I could choose the typeface, font sizes and color I'd be a very happy guy.

For all of your help over the months and years many thanks.