Question Banks export and import between storyline and rise

Apr 20, 2021

Hey there,

I know there's a discussion thread about Question Banks in Rise already but I wanted to get more in the weeds on this, both for my orgs needs and I assume others are probably curious to this as well.

According to the roadmap, the Banks are in development now. However, there's no timeline or way to view progress on this ticket. There's also not a way to know where it's best to spend my time developing new or reworking old course content because of this. If you told me that this was coming out next week, I wouldn't bother trying to put banks together in storyline at all, or even if it was coming this quarter. Not unless part of that development included a feature to export the banks from storyline into rise.

Therein lies my question, will we be able take existing banks and export those from storyline and into rise so they can be easily stood up. Having line of sight on those requirements would really help in some of my decision making, but I also realize that a lot of those internal discussions probably don't step foot outside of the organization.

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Jason! Thanks for reaching out! Correct, this is in development on the current roadmap. 

We don't have any new details to share at this time for an ETA or what the actual feature will entail. I'm sorry about that, and we'll share what we can when possible. 

If there are any updates or changes, you'll find them here in our changelog.