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Feb 13, 2018

Im making a quiz and i was wondering. I have 20 questions. Can rise pick random 10 question? So i have a question database. I cant find this option.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jesse,

Great question - I think you're looking for something similar to the Question Bank feature of Storyline?

It's not something we've introduced in Rise yet, and I haven't seen a lot of users asking for it, so I'd love to know a bit more about how this would positively impact your course development! That's helpful information for us to pass along to our Product team as they look at new features for future updates to Rise! 

Katie Riggio

Thanks for adding your voice, folks! 

Our product team is always interested to hear about our customers' needs, so I submitted a feature request for this ability. You both should receive confirmation emails shortly. Feel free to suggest any other items you'd need in all our authoring tools here or through our feature request form here! ☺️

Paola Abbate

Hi, we would be really interested too in an option of a question bank to draw questions from it in Rise.

Is it foreseen in the next Rise developments?

In fact, using Storyline block as a workaround is not optimal as the size of the interaction is too small on mobile...

Thank you and best,
Paola Abbate

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paola, 

Thanks for chiming in on this discussion! The Rise question bank/pool is a feature idea our team is tracking interest around, so it helps to know that this would benefit you too. We'll let folks know here in ELH and on our “What’s New” page once we have more information to share! 

Nikoleta Despodova

Rise is not very friendly to folks who have to do heavy assessment or want to have the option of a lot of practice for learners. I teach college classes and having such a feature will really make it worthwhile since students can practice by taking a quiz multiple times getting different questions and feedback.

mikki herbold

Yes Yes Yes, a question bank is so needed in education for assessment.

If we want the learner to succeed we need to give them the opportunity to not feel overwhelmed with the same 25 questions that just randomly come up everytime they have three chance to retry. Giving them ten questions that come from a question bank is not so overwhelming.

Much needed, hope you can offer this soon.