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Feb 11, 2019

Hello Rise Gurus!

I have a burning question, hoping you'll be able to help me with.

Currently working on a project that deals with multiple Labeled Graphics. Which, a Labeled graphic itself isn't quite the issue. It's the navigation into other Labeled Graphics.

What I mean by, let's say "A" Labeled Graphic shows a grid of options. Selecting one of the markers would navigate the user to Labeled Graphic "B".

How I've attempted to achieve this, is by adding in a hyperlink inside the marker when a user selects one of the options on the graphic. Notifying them to select the link to navigate to the next visual.

Problem is, when clicking on any hyperlinks, it opens up a new window. Which, one window opening up isn't a problem. But when you have a lot of hyperlinks. Its very easy for the internet browser to be quickly filled with all the windows.

So, the two different solutions I wonder if they're available:

A) Is there a way to disable a hyperlink from opening a window, and have the webpage load new content.
B) Multiple Labeled Graphics on a single page, but able to navigate to a specific visual on that page when clicking on a marker from the Top Labeled Graphic.

I added a quick visual to help visualize what im going for.

Looking for all suggestions, thank you.

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Anthony Karcz

Hi Zachary,

Right now, there isn't a way to disable a hyperlink from opening a new window in Rise 360. We also don't offer an option to assign a "master" labeled graphic that can branch to additional labeled graphics in a single lesson (though it sounds like a cool idea). 

It sounds like both of these features would be useful to you. I'd highly recommend logging a feature request to tell us more!

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