Question text size

Dec 17, 2020

Hi, I have come across something that I think is a bug as I cannot get around it or find anything here on the forum on it. But welcome being told if there is actually a way round it.

If you create a multiple choice question in a quiz and manually change the question text to size 20 and then the question options to text size 20 and then publish in html, you will see that in the html version the question text will be size 16 and the options will be size 20.

They are a different size, when they should be the same, size 20.

Is there a solution to this, or is this just a bug? Any help appreciated. Thanks.


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Lisa Spirko

Hi Rupert, did you ever get a resolution to your problem? I have found similar issues occur when the text box is set to "Shrink text on overflow." It's possible that publishing to HTML messes with the sizing of the text box a bit, so that this setting kicks in in your published output and makes the text smaller. To adjust this setting: Right click the text box, select Format Shape, and then on the Text Box tab, check out the settings under Autofit to see if Shrink text on overflow is selected, and if so, try changing it to either Resize shape to fit text or Do not autofit. If you prefer to keep Shrink text on overflow selected, you could also try adjusting the height of those text boxes. Hope this helps...