Quiz - embed within course or separate?

Feb 10, 2023

Hi Heroes, 

I'm new to using Articulate Rise 360, and am at the point of course development where I am creating the final quiz for the module.

I remember when I was working as a learner within a previous organisation (who used ELMO LMS), that the final quizzes (which determines pass/fail etc) popped up separately to the actual modules I completed.

So I am guessing that the final quiz was created as a whole new (separate) course.  

What would have been/is the reason for designing this way? Does it make it easier to track data within the LMS? Are learners only able to take the quiz when the learning content course is completed first? 

Otherwise, the quiz is embedded at the end of the training course? Are there pros/cons for either way? 

Warm thanks for any insights :) 

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Susi B

Hi Charlie,

I think one reason for separating the course and the quiz might have been that you could take the quiz without completing the course. For example, if it is an annual course and they just want to check if your knowledge of the subject is still there. So you could do the quiz first and if you pass you don't have to do the course again. If you fail, you have to do the course again and repeat the quiz until you pass.

Another reason to separate the course from the quiz is if you are using Rise for the course and Storyline for the quiz. I had to do this once because my SME wanted to use hotspot questions, which can't be created in Rise yet.

Maybe it's for tracking reasons. I don't know much about tracking and how it works in different LMS, but maybe someone wants to track the course completion separately from the quiz and the learners have to do both.

Separating the course from the quiz also has a disadvantage. If a learner is able to open the course next to the quiz, they could easily search for the right answers during the quiz. I think if you leave the quiz in Rise and go back to a lesson, you'd have to start from scratch.

Those are my thoughts. :)