Quiz in Rise - shuffling answers or not

Nov 05, 2018


I have 5 quiz questions, using different types. One is a multi choice and the learner click the correct answer of the 1st position in a 5 stage sequence. Because its a sequence, the answers need to not change in order. I also have a matching task where the learner matches 3 names to 3 definitions. This one needs to be shuffled, otherwise there is no challenge.

Is this possible - preserving the 5 stage order of answers in one question, and shuffling the matching question? I haven't been able to puzzle this one out so far.

Another thing is that the random shuffling of the matching task seems to include the correct answers on certain shuffles. So if I have 3 shuffled matches 1 in 3 times on average it's already correct?? Correct answers for a matching task is confusing.

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Martika Cox

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your question! I understand your challenge here. You can choose to shuffle
answer choices under the quiz settings, but there is no way to do this per question type
within a single quiz.

If you feel this feature would improve your experience using Rise we would love to hear
more. You can submit a feature request here.

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