Matching Quizzes - do answers need to be unique?

Jan 19, 2021


I am currently building a matching quiz in RISE.

I have six statements, each of which match to one of two answers. Therefore I am using the same two answers three times each.

When it comes to matching, the quiz is marking correct answers as incorrect, as they do not match with the order I have written them in.

Is there a way round this or do each of the answers in a matching quiz need to be unique in order for this knowledge check to work? 

Thanks :)

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Lea Agato

Hi there! Your answers do need to be unique in a Rise matching quiz question. Your best option would be to create your quiz in Storyline 360, where you’ll have a few options on how to build your quiz slide. Check out this thread for some examples.  Once you’ve created your quiz, you can add it as a Storyline block in your Rise course.  I hope this helps!