Simple Matching quiz - multiple correct answers?

Mar 11, 2020

Hey gang! I've been beating my head against the wall trying to figure this out (or come up with an acceptable workaround). I'm a bit of a novice with Storyline -- I've figured out the basics of creating triggers to advance to the next or previous page, etc., but not a whole lot beyond that. Hoping someone here can help?

The client is looking to have brief interactive Knowledge Checks at the end of each section of the course -- nothing elaborate, just a straightforward interactive quiz to make sure that they understand the overall concepts before they're allowed to move on. They want one of the Knowledge Checks to be a basic "matching" activity: they present 7 different scenarios, the user has to figure out which of 3 categories (or combination of categories) the scenario represents. I've attached a screen cap of the choices/matches, if that helps visualize what I'm talking about.

The hitch is that while most of the answers are unique, a couple of the Matches are identical. As I was previewing the quiz, I realized that only the exact matches would result in a "Correct" state; having the "Hazardous Condition" answer from B matched with the Choice for G would result in an "Incorrect" state, even though the answer ("Hazardous Condition") was actually right.

Any suggestions on how to make this work? The content is a non-starter, so I can't just remove one of the choices that inconveniently has a duplicate answer. From what I've been able to understand from digging through the forums, a Drop-Down Matching quiz would also have the same problem, no?

Creating some sort of custom "sort into columns" will overly complicate things, since a few of the answers would need to be sorted into multiple columns -- even if I were able to figure out how to do that, I think the permutations would be a little bonkers (over 2000 possible combinations, if I'm doing my math right).

The client is looking for something simple, something users can get through in 30 sec or so, but that's a bit more interactive than a standard multiple-choice quiz.

It seems like this should be a pretty simple thing to do, but I can't for the life of me figure it out. Any help would be appreciated!

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Jeff Forrer

Hello, there are several ways to approach this.  Sometimes when faced with something like this I may take the easiest route and break the question in parts, so that there is not a repeat.  But when that is not possible, you can create a custom drag and drop or sorting activity.  These can be setup so they get one, or many tries, that the question resets if they get it wrong, feedback shows up on the icons for Drop Correct/Incorrect, you can choose to just show one dragger at a time, so have them in a stack, many options here.

I did put together a quick file with 7 options and 5 drops, see attached, perhaps that will help you in this case, again, you can customize away, but hopefully this is a start for you.

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