Rise Quiz - Shuffle vs. Stationary Answer Choices

Feb 08, 2018

I am trying to use the matching question to have the learner put something in order. On the right, I numbered 1 through 5, 1 being the top and 5 the bottom. They are supposed to drag items to their proper place, top to bottom.

Problem: The quiz is set to NOT shuffle answers, yet when I view the matching questions, both the choice & match columns are in a different order every time. 

How can I fix this? Or, better yet, can your dev team add an "order" quiz question option???

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Crystal Horn

Hi Kristi!  You're asking a great question here.  The matching question type in Rise focuses the assessment on pairing up the right items, not necessarily in the right order.  You're right - the overall choice order gets shuffled.

I see the need you're describing, however, for having a sequence interaction.  For your project, in the meantime, can you include a sequence question from Storyline as an ungraded block?  That interaction wouldn't be part of the quiz, but would instead flow with the rest of the content.

I'll submit a feature request on your behalf for a sequence question type in Rise.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts here!

Jeanette Cereske

@Alyssa Gomez, Just to clarify - do you need to turn on Shuffle Answers for matching questions? Why would you use a matching question that doesn't shuffle?

It seems that the Shuffle Answers option would only apply to multiple choice and multiple response and that the left column of matching questions would shuffle regardless of how Shuffle Answers is set. 

Please confirm.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeannette,

Correct - Matching questions are shuffled automatically. The setting Alyssa demonstrated is overall for the quiz, so it'll shuffle those choices for questions that wouldn't automatically be shuffled. Matching questions were added recently, so we didn't change that setting as it was already set for Multiple choice. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Erin!

In a Rise Matching knowledge check block, the answers on the left are shuffled. 

As our team worked together to create this interaction, we found that dragging left to right felt like it had a more natural feel than right to left. 

Hope that provides the insight you're looking for, and let me know if you need anything else!