Rise Quiz - "Shuffle Answer Choice" not working


I've created a quiz in Rise using the Quiz feature in the pre-built lessons, and in Settings, I've selected 'Shuffle Answer Choices' and 'Randomize Question Order'. The randomize question order works fine - this changes up every time i test-launch the course, however the shuffling of the answer choices doesn't seem to work at all for multiple choice or multiple response questions - my correct and incorrect answer choices are always in the exact same location. I've noticed that for matching questions, those choices seem to shuffle around just fine. 


Appreciating feedback or assistance -- Jennifer  

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Crystal Horn

Hey Jennifer...timing is everything!  We just released a fix for quiz answers that weren't shuffling in Rise.

Since the fix is live in your courses now, you'll just need to export them again if you're hosting your content in an LMS or web server.  Check it out, and let me know if everything looks good.  ☺️