RISE: Submit button doesn't work on question

I have a Rise course with a five-question quiz. For one of the multiple response questions, the Submit button does not function in production; clicking it yields no result and learners cannot advance. The question works fine in the Rise preview mode and in Articulate Review, but when I upload to our LMS I get these issues. Tech details are below, any insight is greatly appreciated!

Question type: Multiple response (3 out of 6 checkboxes for correct answer.)
Quiz settings: 80% pass score, require pass = off, unlimited retries, include in lesson count = on, randomize = on, shuffle = on, reveal = on
Publication settings: LMS, AICC, Track using course completion (100%), Complete/Incomplete, Exit Course Link
LMS: SuccessFactors 

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Lea Agato

Hi Dogan! It sounds like this is an issue in SuccessFactors. You can try testing your course in SCORM Cloud. If the submit button works without any problems, feel free to report the issue with SuccessFactors support.  If you get the same behavior in SCORM Cloud, we'd be happy to take a look at your course and troubleshoot it further!