Quiz Labels not updating in RISE

Jun 29, 2023


Wondering if I am missing something or is there a bug.

I am thinking now my first issue is probably because the label only displays in capital letters.  But my second issue there is definitely a problem.

1. I have gone into labels and updated "START QUIZ" to "Start quiz".  Our organization does not care for all caps.  (But I am thinking the default is always all caps so I may have not choice, images attached)

2.  This one, every time I publish my editor askes me to get rid of the quotes and to lowercase the word "Quiz".  I have done this three times, literally re-typed it but it won't update. (images attached)

Review link:  You can jump down to quiz and the answer (although you need to fail anyway) are in the comments


RISE file: not sure I should send to all, but if a bug and a staff reads this I can send via a support link I suppose.



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Gren Foronda

Hi Teresa!

I understand that you are running into some issues with the text labels of your Rise 360 course.

For the first issue reported, currently, the START QUIZ button only displays its text in all caps, and there isn't a way to change its capitalization. We're tracking requests for this feature, and we'll update this post once we have new information.

As for the 2nd issue with the Continue Button text label in a Rise quiz, we replicated this issue. When the Continue Button Style is set to Continue Button, and if you have the word quiz in the Must pass quiz before continuing text label, then the button will show the quiz title in quotes instead of the word quiz.

For example, if you left the Must pass quiz before continuing text label to its default value of Must pass quiz before continuing, and the title of the quiz is My Quiz, the Continue Button in the quiz will have this actual text label -- Must pass "My Quiz" before continuing. See the screenshot below:

Quiz Continue Button Text Label

We'll be sharing this issue with our team for further review. We'll reply to this thread for any updates on this issue.

In the meantime, you can avoid using quiz in the text label, or you may change the Continue Button Style to Standard Next Lesson, which will remove/hide the Continue button for the quiz.

Let me know if you have any questions or clarifications; I'm here to help!

Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks Gren for the update.  Yes, would be nice to not have things "in quotes" in is not really an accessible style.  But appreciate that you will reply with any updates.  I would hope in future whatever I type would be what I get. :)  

And thank you for tracking the "not all caps" suggestion as well.