Quiz Retries not working?

Jul 17, 2023

Hi everyone, 

I'm new to using Rise360 and I've set my assessment retries to 3 attempts (screenshot attached). When uploaded to my LMS (Cornerstone) and testing it as a user, I'm able to continue retrying the quiz over 3 times. Additionally, I just uploaded the same course to SCORM cloud this morning and I'm still having the same issue. I've attached another screenshot to show a quiz result slide on my 4th attempt... What am I missing?

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Lea Agato

Hi Dani,

Thanks for sharing the screenshots. It looks like you're using the following quiz settings: Require Passing Score to Continue and Quiz Retries = 3.

The Require Passing Score to Continue setting prevents your learners from progressing with your course unless they get a passing score on the quiz. If you set a limited number of retries on your quiz, there is a chance that your learners will not be able to continue with the rest of your course. 

You'll need to allow learners to keep retaking the quiz until they receive a passing score or disable the Require Passing Score to Continue. I hope this helps!

Dani Gibson

Hi Lea, 

Thanks for your response. So, if I'm trying to make it so that my assessment can only be attempted 3 times before passing, or else they have to go back and review the materials in order to take the quiz again, I should change the setting to "Quiz retries =3" and remove the "require passing score to continue"?  

If I change that setting, what happens when my learner fails 3 times? They have to be re-assigned the course? 

Lea Agato

Hi, Dani! If you limit the number of retries a learner has to pass a quiz, they will be forced to continue with the course but will not have a chance to get a passing score for the quiz. If you need your learner to go back and review the materials before taking the quiz again, you can check what options you have for this with your LMS. I hope this helps!