Quotation Marks in Rise 360

Jun 17, 2019

Does anyone know if the quotation marks in the Quotes block can be removed?

I want to use the quote block, without the quote marks.

Please advise. /jc

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Ellen Brodsky

I would also like to remove them! Or at least be able to select them and change the font color to white... Has this by any chance been addressed since jc requested it?  Please advise. This layout is very useful for things other than quotes. For example, we would like to use it for an alert block with an alert icon at the top, but it's not a quote. Thank you!

Ellen Brodsky

I totally agree! These quotation marks really make Articulate look bad (and us too, your customers!) whenever we use this block for something other than a quotation.
Why hasn't this been addressed yet? It seems like it would be SUCH an easy fix, Articulate!

Please respond!
Thank you,