RE: Block issue - With too much content, can't replace image

I had an issue where I had put in my content in a Rise Block (Image/Text).  I wanted to replace the image that was there, but upon opening the Edit of that block, I could not get to the option to replace the image.  This was because my content extended to the bottom of the page, and there was no scrollbar to scroll down so that I could get to the option to replace the image. 

In order to replace the image, I had to remove or cut 1/2 my content to get the option to replace the image to show up, I replaced the image, then put my content back in.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jeff.  I see what you're saying.  I couldn't scroll down to the image options, but if I placed my cursor in the body of the text, I was able to use my arrow key down to the bottom.

Use that workaround for now, and I'll document the need for scrolling ability in that field.  Thanks for sharing your experience!