"Real Content" into Storyline?

Oct 06, 2023

I am trying to understand how we can use the "Real Content" in Rise to help us design quicker in Storyline. 

  • Can I leverage the content written (not the videos) in the "Real Content" Rise courses and turn it into a narrated Storyline course? (Not sold)

Trying to find where the actual terms of service are that calls out what we can and can't do with the Real Content (not the videos). Any help folks can provide would be great! 


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Jose Tansengco

Hello Alicia,

Happy to help!

Yes, you can definitely use the content from the "Real Content" Rise 360 series to make your own content in Storyline 360. This is covered in our Terms of Service, section 2.11

  • 2.11. Content Files. "Content Files" means Articulate-provided files such as videos, character images, illustrations, templates, interactions or other pre-built content we provide to you in the Services. You may use the Content Files to develop your e-learning end product in our Services (“End Product”), including modifying and embedding the Content Files into your End Product, and reproducing and distributing the Content Files if integrated in your End Product. However, you may not use or distribute the Content Files on a stand-alone basis outside of your End Product. For clarification, you do not have any ownership rights in the Content Files themselves.

Hope this helps!