Real Content Licensing...please explain.

Aug 10, 2022

Hi, I guess this is a question for an Articulate staff member. I am trying to understand how the licensing for the Real Content in Rise 360 works.

As I am an e.learning content creator. Can I freely give these courses to my clients to use. They are really of little value to me if I can't use them in this way. Also can I add modules to them or change the wording to reflect a certain countries terminology or requirements?

I checked out your terms, but I am not sure it explains how the complete courses licensing works.

Hope you can help.



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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Steve! The answer is pretty much yes, with a few exceptions on what you can't do with some of the real content! But you are free to localize them or use them for your clients. The more nuanced answer is here. I'll note that when we say "Courses based on or containing real content templates have to remain as Rise 360 courses", that doesn't mean you can't export them. You can certainly export them and do with them whatever you'd like, with those couple of exceptions. Hope that helps!