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Deirdre Cristante

I think this functionality has been updated. I see that I can change the lock settings on a Continue button to "complete the block immediately above" or "Complete all blocks above". I have it set to "complete all blocks" so that the user won't continue to a "Congratulations!" block until they have completed all content. This is not working--continue is available as soon as I complete the content in the block with the button. Navigation is set to free, which is the design choice for this course. Does this only work if it is set to restricted? 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Deirdre,

Thanks for reaching out! If the continue button is set to "Complete all blocks above," then it should not become enabled until the learner interacts with all the blocks above the continue button.

Since that doesn't seem to be working correctly, would you mind sending us the course Share URL so we can take a closer look?

You can send that link to us privately by clicking here.