Reducing the Padding above & below Storyline Blocks

Oct 11, 2023


The enormous padding above and below Storyline blocks has always been a bit of a problem for me.
Over the past couple of years I've (obviously) reduced the padding in Rise, removed the Storyline player controls, and tried changing the slide size (I now use 1024 x 576, i.e. 16x9) but nothing does the trick.

I'm now creating a course with three consecutive Storyline blocks, and the space between them looks terrible (I attach a screenshot to illustrate).

As always, I have search this forum, and Google, but although I hope it's something within Storyline that's causing it, I'm out of ideas.

Can anyone help?


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Steve Warren

Because the formatting and flexibility in Rise are so ... limited.

Storyline has a big drawback that it's not responsive (how could it be, I guess) but the options for making the simplest things look appealing - even for someone with my limited design skills - is phenomenal.

But this problem with giant spaces around the Storyline content is a long-standing one and is intensely irritating for lots of people (read the questions...)
And definitely me.

High time it was fixed. I just wondered if anyone has figured out any workarounds by now.