Requiring an audio clip to be played before moving onto the next lesson

Sep 27, 2019

Is there make it mandatory for a student to play an audio clip before they can move on to the next lesson? Or force them to spend a certain amount of time on a lesson, such as at least the length of the video or audio clip? And if so, how can I do this?

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Michael Bauer

I will answer part two first: add a Continue block after the audio, and change the settings for Completion Type to Complete All Blocks Above.

Now to part one: officially no. I also don't see the purpose of putting a time on something. If you can read it in five seconds, good on you. If it takes you five hours, good on you. Putting a minimum time on it can then lose learner momentum. So what if they don't read something, they may already know it. If for some reason you do need to put a minimum time on it, you could make something in Storyline, remove the seekbar, add it in to Rise and again use the same Continue block settings as above. That way, the Continue button won't become active until the Storyline block has finished.

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