Restrict Audio Clip progress bar in Rise 360

Mar 22, 2023

I have inserted an "audio clip" in my Rise 360 section.  When the user clicks the audio play icon, it starts a 50 second audio clip.  It shows the progress bar as it plays; however, the learner can click on and drag the progress marker to the right basically fast forwarding (essentially, skipping the audio clip).   How can I force learner to listen to the entire 50 second clip (not allowing to scroll past timeline)  (I do have a Continue button stating user much complete block above)  Cheers.

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Christopher Santos

Hi Randy,

We've requested this feature of having the option to disable forward-seeking for audio.  We don't have an update yet, but I will reach out on this post if we have more news to share about this feature.

I've seen some clients being able to work around this by converting the audio into a video file (sans the video) and uploading it as a Video block.  Another option is to add the audio in a Storyline slide to embed in your Rise course.  Then you can add the Continue block to make sure your users will complete it first.

Ashlee Wallis

+1 vote for being able to restrict audio blocks in Rise 360. Following this thread. Also, an option to enable audio and video blocks to play automatically would be great, and would open up the option of using Rise more often, as we could basically have a voiceover on the course that the learner would be forced to listen to. 

I tried the suggestion of exporting my audio file as a video, I used the exact hex code of my block background in my video background and exported in high quality, and it looks mismatched, so not very nice. Not sure if our client will be happy with it. See screenshot attached.