restricted navigation and button branching

May 23, 2018


I am using both restricted navigation and button branching in one course and this creates a problem. 

You can jump via button to a later part of the course with no problem. But if you are in restricted mode, then you cannot proceed further from that lesson.

Is there a way to workaround this?

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Vanessa Barnes

There's a point in a rise build I'm developing where users select one of two buttons enabling them to continue or to skip a section. We need the restriction so that users can revisit, but not skip lessons, however with the navigation set to restricted, users who skip the section cannot progress. We can set the navigation to free and remove the sidebar as Alyssa suggested and will do that for now, but the downside is that users cannot see their progress or quickly revisit a lesson.

My feature wish: It would be great if there was an additional navigation mode (like Storyline's three modes). The current modes could be free and locked. A restricted mode could just stop users from progressing via the menu, but with no restriction in progressing by clicking the down arrow to go to the next lesson.

Andrew Longson

I've just encountered this problem and when searching for an answer, I came across this thread.

I will try this without the sidebar and a 'free' navigation but I also like having the side bar.

It would be good if this feature could be added. 

Edit - it doesn't work because the user can just jump to any part of the course in the menu when the course starts :-( 

Lea Agato

Hi Andrew, 

If you want to jump between lessons, we recommend using button stack.  In this sample course that I created, I used button stacks in my lesson to jump to other lessons. Is this the functionality you are looking for? 

If you also would like to use the side bar, you'll want to use free navigation instead of restricted.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you need help with anything else!